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TIF Clinical Data

To date, TIF has been performed in over 10,000 patients and evaluated in numerous peer-reviewed publications.

In 20 unique studies with follow up in approximately 700 patients, weighted outcomes following the TIF procedure demonstrate significant control of reflux and improvement in quality of life:

  •  Normalization of GERD - HRQL in 71% of patients
  • Elimination of daily PPI therapy in 79% of patients
  • High patient satisfaction - 84% of patients are satisfied or neutral - following the TIF procedure

 Further, throughout both clinical publications and broader commercial experience, TIF has maintained an excellent safety profile with minimal post-operative side effects such as gas bloat and dysphagia:

Serious Adverse Event (SAE) rates reported in clinical studies ~2.8% (includes all procedures performed during studies evaluating feasibility, safety, and initial learning curve).

  • SAE rate in more than 10,000 TIF procedures performed worldwide is < 0.4% (1 in every 250 cases)
  • Post-fundoplication side effects are very low; reported as < 2% in all clinical studies

Throughout existing clinical experience and forthcoming clinical studies, results continue to demonstrate that TIF:

  • Reconstructs the anatomy and function of the gastroesophageal junction
  • Provides clinical efficacy across a range of outcomes measurements including symptoms and quality of life scores, cessation of PPI therapy, pH-metry changes and LES pressure